The Bible declares in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

The purpose of the Sunday school for the children in our church is to give them a good taste and flavor of the Word of God (the Message) and to keep their mind out of the influence of the world especially in the age we are living in full of juvenile delinquency, moral decay, wrong marriages, wrong carrier path etc…

We have Sunday school every Sunday morning for the children age 5 to 16 for about forty five minutes (from 10: 15 am to 11:00 am). Currently, we have two classes: juniors (from ages 4 to 9) and seniors (from ages 10 to 16). Each class is taught by a young sister. The curriculum is well adapted into each class with emphasis on Bible stories and the Message of the hour. Many activities are also included in each program such as singing, games, recitals and projects.

Parents are allowed to assist and observe their respective children’s learning and participation in various activities. This is very helpful to make sure that parents are aware and know what their children are learning in order to further assist them at home with their Sunday school assignments. To make the Sunday school more challenging, we do periodic testing and contests and give special prizes to the winners.

In addition, the pastor always encourages strong participation and interest of the parents to their children learning. Better and stronger results can only be achieved with full cooperation between the church and the parents.

That’s why we have the right not to accept children under age to attend Sunday school without parents and/or guardian. We strongly believe what brother Branham said about it (see brother Branham quotes below). A church is not a day-care where parents can just drop the kids and go to work or stay home.

Everything is responsibility and we have to face our responsibilities. Therefore, it’s our responsibilities as the church, parents, ministers to lead the future generation and help them avoid most common mistakes that had been done in the past.
We believe that we are doing the best for the benefit of our children. We also believe that by God’s grace, we will present a new generation of youth who would stand and challenge the sin of this evil age.

Our Sunday school topics are tailored to catch the little children and teenagers’ attention with children full participation while learning. Our Sunday school activities include but not limited to:

1. Recitals of Bible verses and Books of the Bible;
2. References (memorization) to Brother Branham’s quotes about certain subjects;
3. Bible stories both from the Bible and the Message of the Hour;
4. Individual and group special songs;
5. Special youth meetings with just boys, girls and/or both groups;
6. Questions and answers on covered subjects followed by periodic contests;
7. Learning how to effectively pray and how to speak in public etc…


10 Now, friends, I know them’s, each one, is the prettiest baby in the world. I know that. I know better than to say anything else about that. That’s right. And that’s the way you should feel.

They’re little treasures that God has given you the responsibility of raising. And I’ve always said and made this kind of a saying to mothers. We know, written of four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. But there’s a fifth Gospel, unwritten; that’s mother. She gets them before Matthew-Mark-Luke-and-John’s teaching gets them. So the responsibilities is placed upon you mothers and you fathers to raise these children to the–for the Kingdom of God. And I’m sure that’s your heart’s desire.

167 What about you? What about you, sinner, what do you feeled about it?
To have the blood of a man on your hand, responsibility like a pilot, and he checks; the doctor, and he checks; and what else more, so many scientific; when you got the blood of a man on your hands, what you’ll do!
When a judge is going to pronounce sentence, look how he reads those books, over and over and over and over and over, to every little thing that he can see, before he pronounces sentence. Cause, he’s got the blood of a man on his hands, there must be something here to justify that. See?

183 We are responsible for this church, not others; this is our responsibility to God. These offices are your responsibility to God. See? The reason I’m standing here tonight, telling you all this, is because it’s my responsibility to God; it’s your responsibility to carry it out. See?

513-11 Our heavenly Father, we have assembled here as a group of men, Christian men who love You, who believe in You, and who has dedicated our lives and services to Your service. There’s ministers here, young men, middle-aged men; they got churches; they’re responsible before God. There’s deacons here that’s responsible in their offices in these different churches. There’s trustees, their responsibilities. Pastors, evangelists, whatever, Lord, we’re responsible to You. And that’s why we come together, that we might all speak the same thing as we were–said that we must do in the Scripture. We must all speak alike.

48 We got so many things we have to do, so much responsibility that we have to face. Everybody has got to face a certain responsibility.

49 When you–when you come to–to choose your wife, to get married, or choose your husband, you–you’ve got to take a responsibility. And then you must remember… Maybe you build a home; it’s a nice pretty home. And then, remember, as a married woman, you got to think of the responsibility of raising children. And you got to think of them pretty, slick walls is going to have little, dirty handprints all over them. Then you got the responsibility of educating your children. You got the responsibility of clothing and feeding.

50 Everything is a responsibility. And it’s so easy, when the responsibilities face us, to shirk from them. And we find out that marriage is a responsibility, in all manners.

51 Even, many times, we find… This is hard to say, but it’s true, that ministers, many time, shirk a responsibility for standing for the true Word of God when they’re confronted with It. They’ll shirk that responsibility. When Truth of the Word of God is brought face to face with we human beings, we have… we are prone to shirk back until the last resource.

53 But to face up to responsibilities, sometimes it takes the very hide off of us, to do that. As a father, to face up the responsibility, to give your child a whipping. Them little fellows, you don’t want to do that. But as a father or a mother, you’ve got to face the responsibility of raising that child, because the Bible said, “Spare the rod and you’ll spoil your son.” And that still stands good in the sight of every psychologist there is in the world. That still remains God’s Truth. If there had been more of that practiced, we wouldn’t have had so much juvenile delinquency and stuff, and the rot we got in the world today. But the old golden rule of the home has been broken, long time ago, and they let the kids do whatever they want to.


104 God demands respects. You’ve got to have it. You ever get anything from God, you’re going to respect God. And you must do it from your heart, the bottom of your heart. You must do it.

But she disrespected God as she disrespected His prophet. Now, she knowed Elijah was a prophet. They didn’t have anything in Israel could keep up with Elijah. Why, his visions and everything was perfect before God. And he, but he condemned them. Mercy, yes. He’d get on every denomination, everything else. And everything that’s called sin, he condemned it, from the least to the greatest, king and all; he didn’t pull any punches for none of them. But they had to know he was a prophet. They just couldn’t keep from knowing that. Yes, sir.

E-23 And then there was a… Oh, he got a… Now remember, he had a temper too. And some children begin to make fun of him because he was bald-headed. And he cursed those children, and that wasn’t so much for the children’s sake; it was for the parents that didn’t raise up their children to respect God. That’s what it was. The parents lost their children, because two she-bears killed forty-two of them, must have been a hundred or more running after Elijah. And going right down through Samaria where they’d had the Word preached so long, and the prophet… But do you see something there? It was the people’s attitude towards God’s messenger.

E-26 But God turned around, and in Elijah he cursed those children, and forty-two of them was killed by bears that run out of those woods, and killed forty-two of the children, because they were disobedient, and had been raised in the wrong kind of a home, and the wrong schooling, to make fun of God’s prophet in the stead of respecting God’s prophet. I’ll tell you; if you’ll respect God’s servants, you respect God. As you respect Christ, you respect God.

Now, who is God’s major Servant? Not some man here on earth. It’s the Holy Ghost. And that’s the One you make fun of. That’s the One that people laugh at, say, “Now, look at them people. Don’t they act funny? I believe they’re a little bit crazy.” When you do that, you’re making fun of God. That’s right. And you’ll commit the unpardonable sin; it’ll never be forgiven you in this world or the world to come. For Jesus said, if you speak a word against it, it’ll never be forgiven.

85 I know of three boys one time that mocked communion in the church, know of them. And they went up in the–the hotel room and got some ham sandwiches and a bottle of whiskey, and had their communion up there, making fun of the communion they had in a Pentecostal church. Less than three months from then, all three was to–one of them was dead, and two was in the insane institution.

You can’t disrespect God. You’ve got to respect God. If you don’t believe it, just keep still, keep away from it. Or, either do that, or come reverently and respect it. Don’t make fun of people in the Spirit. Don’t talk about people that’s worshipping in the Spirit of God. Let them alone.


E-9 And now, so we won’t be long in the service tonight… I–I don’t mind keeping you through the week nights, because in the week nights you miss a day’s work; I don’t mind that. But don’t miss Sunday school whatever you do; go to Sunday school. And some of you that’s visiting, why, these pastors here would be glad to have you in their churches that’s around here. Visit them in the morning. They will do you good to come hear them speak and to get acquainted with each other; for we’ve got an eternity to live together, and so let’s get acquainted now.

And so remember now, I’ve always said, “It’s a sin to send your children to Sunday school.” Everybody knows that. Don’t never, whatever you do, don’t never send your children to Sunday school. It’s wrong. Take them. That’s right. Always take them. Just don’t send them. You go for an example too. You take them to Sunday school. You go along with them. But just don’t send them. That’s wrong. Taking them is right, ’cause you’re there with them.

E-3 And you know… I guess they’ve made that statement, but I always say this: It’s a sin to send your children to Sunday school. How many knows that? It’s a sin to send your children to Sunday school; you have to take them. So be sure to do that. Go with your children tomorrow to Sunday school. These men perhaps have their church organized in good situation to take care of any age, and all the young and old and what alike. You’ll hear the Word of the Lord.

E-4 Now, there’s–there’s strangers here from other cities. The motel where I’m staying is packed full, and from other motels… And when you’re here now, in the morning, there’ll be Sunday school at these churches here, and–these full gospel churches here in the valley, and they’ll certainly welcome you to any of their services. I suppose they’ve done been given out where the people are, and come hear these men. Now, you come to hear this type of ministry, these men come up here to represent, and they preach and have the same things that we stand for here. They’ll do you good. Bring your little kiddies to the Sunday school, and put them in Sunday school.

You know, it’s a sin to send your children to Sunday school, you know that. Go with them. Don’t send them. You go with them. It’s a sin to send them, and you stay home. So you–you just go with them. You bring them to Sunday school, and you’ll find classes, and teachers, and so forth.

E-24 Now, look at this little story right here. Read between the lines. I love it, don’t you? Between the lines… Why, look at these little children going out and making fun of this preacher that was bald-headed. Look what they said to him, “Go up, thou bald head, like Elijah, won’t you?” They didn’t believe that Elijah went up. They doubted it.

Their priests and them had told them, perhaps, “Oh, he didn’t go up. It’s just some fanaticism. And that guy’s supposed to be anointed with the same anointing as he was anointed. Oh, it’s nonsense. Tell him to go up.”
And here went the little kids. “Bring up a child in the way that it should go.” And here they went down because the parents didn’t believe it.

And how can you expect your children to go to Sunday school and serve the Lord, when you yourself don’t even go? How can you expect your children to be something when you’re nothing? That’s a little sassy, but I don’t mean it that way; but He had me to say it, so I… This is not premeditated. All right. But that… I didn’t mean you wasn’t nothing, but I mean when you know that you make no profession. How can you expect your children to be righteous when you’re putting such an example before them? How can you do it? You’re the best example that they have. They’re going to look to you when they look–won’t look for no one else, because your nature is in them.


« E-33 †

… To see these young women coming, weeping, life before them. They’re at the crossroad. They’re a victim of circumstances. What… Do you realize, old men, when we were boys, our boys has got ten times the temptation that we had? Sister, do you realize that your daughter has ten times the temptation you had when you was a girl? What will her daughter have? Look at the things, the pictures the devil’s a painting. Oh, how we need to pray.

Now, we’ll go back to you again. Brother, do you realize we don’t pray half as much as our fathers did? Pastor, do you know we don’t put as much time on our knees as the pastors before us did? Women, do you realize you don’t instruct your daughter and pray with her at night like your mother did you? Then what about it? Who’s guilty? We’re guilty. There’s no way around it; we’re guilty. I’m guilty. I’m guilty of not doing the job of God like I should do. I’m confessing it that I’m wrong. I’m asking God to be merciful to me.

E-55 What we need… It’s not juvenile delinquency; it’s parent delinquency. It’s because that the parents has neglected. And a whole lot of it is the way the church never preached it. What’s the matter, brethren? Get back to the Gospel; preach old-time holiness and get it into the church again. We must have a standard.

E-59 Women put on little sexy clothes, and walk out on the street. Say, “Yes, I’m a Christian.” They’re presuming that’s the thing they should do. Now, please, sister. I’m your brother. If your mother was the right kind of a woman, she’d tell you the same, or your daddy, or your husband.

And any man will let his wife get out on the street in them shorts and things like that, it shows how much man’s in him. Let his wife set there and smoke a cigarette before him, and know that that thing… What’s his children going to be?

Don’t worry about communism whipping us. We’ve done whipped ourselves. It’s our own rotten morals. And where did it start from? Because the Gospel was let down at the pulpit, where it began: sissified preachers, with not enough real baptizing of the Holy Spirit in their soul to stand and tell the Word of God. Don’t spank the child for juvenile delinquency; spank the parents. It’s parent delinquency. They let them get by with it.

E-28 Now, you say, “Brother Branham, you’re picking on the women.” All right, you men. And any man that’ll let his wife smoke cigarettes and wear those kind of clothes, it shows what you’re made of. You’re supposed to be the ruler of the house. What’s happened? You can’t make American homes. No wonder we got juvenile delinquency. We got parent delinquency. We got church delinquency. Certainly we have. That’s true. Not to hurt you, but to tell you the truth, we got to clean up. Got to have a–a revival and get all the bugs out of the thing before we… God will ever come in.

Stand at the door, you say, “You interfere with my private life.” There it is. See? Well then, you have a little… another little door called “Pride.” Oh, my. “Don’t you tamper with that. Now look, Brother Branham, I think it’s so much today.” All right. It’s your private life. You say, “You got no business busting in on my private life.” That’s what you’re telling Christ. I’m talking from the Word. The Word speaks for Itself. That’s right.

E-30 That’s what’s the matter tonight, preachers has let the congregation get by with any thing. They need a little child training. That’s right. That’s what’s the matter with the world today, the reason they got so much in the natural, juvenile delinquency; we need some child training. I think it’s a lot of parent delinquency.

My daddy, he really believed in that child training. He had a switch laying up over the door, and a razor strap hanging on the wall. We know what it meant. It’s too bad we ever got away from it, isn’t it? Yes.

Child training… We need preachers that’ll preach the Word, tell us the truth about it, tell us we must be borned again, and bring us on the basis of the shed Blood to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, introduced all the good things that God’s got for us. That’s a fact, sir. There it is. That’s the kind you get the vitamins from. Might be in a barn, or mission, but just so you’re getting fed is the main thing.

125 You know, a lot of times we think about juvenile delinquency. I think a whole lot of it is parent delinquency. The kids had been taught to pray and serve God; instead of mama out somewhere at a card party, and her religious card party; and dad out at a golf course somewhere; and sister out with junior, out there on the street, running around. Maybe things would been different if they had the old-fashion prayer altar, the Bible instead of a deck of cards. And throwed that television out the door, a long time ago, and it might have been a whole lot different. You all, used to be wrong to go to the picture show. The Devil put it right over on us. He brought it right in their house. See? See?


170 Let me tell you about you Arizonians here. You seen that analysis the other day, of schools, didn’t you? Eighty percent of the children in Arizona schools are suffering with mental deficiency, sixty-seven percent of them was by looking at television. How about that?

171 You had better use your shotgun! See? Now, don’t let the Devil spray you with that. No, sir. Now people, as I said, people act like they don’t have to come to Judgment.

172 These boys and girls, they had some Indian family, and a whole lot of stuff. I think a fellow named Mr. Pool is the head of it. And if I ever seen a modern mockery of hymns, it was the way they handled it; a bunch of Rickies standing there, shaking their hands up-and-down.

45 Just let me give you a little inside something. They made an analysis throughout Arizona, where I live, of all the schools. They gave the children, unknowingly to them, a mental test. And guess what? Including high schools and–and grammar schools, there was eighty percent of the children suffering with mental deficiency. Seventy percent of them was television watchers. See, the evils, they just slipped up on us and we don’t… You wonder why it comes. You can hear the Voice of God screaming out against it, and yet here we–we find ourself webbed into it.

190 Look at this teen-age insane! Why, we had a… I told you the other day, they was taking an analysis there of the schools in Arizona where I live, and eighty percent of the children in school is mentally retarded. What will their children be? We can’t have another generation. We’re at the end. Jesus said these things would come.

191 Look at all the televisions and things getting these fictitious things in order. It’ll come a time, I predict, that people will be completely, totally insane, the world will be. The Bible speaks of such hideous sights as they show in movies today of some prehistoric creature’s age, that’s lived in the earth for so many thousands and millions of years, hatch and come forth to some… That’s just a minor thing, to what’s going to happen. When hell is opened and the Devil comes out with all of his mysterious things, of women… or locust with hair like women, and teeth like lions. Why, the world will be completely, totally insane. It’s not but just about one degree from it now.

207 You that love television program, that you’ll stay home to see some immoral movie star like We Love Sucy or what of some of that other stuff that they have, stay home on Wednesday night to watch television instead of coming to the prayer room, the love of God is gone from your heart. You do that, and still you hold your membership? The love of God would drive you from that, and drive you to your church, to your–your brother and sister; to come together, sit in Heavenly places and listen at your pastor preach. And the–the revival, or the camp, is ending now. If that still remains in your heart, let us pray together now that God will remove it.

E-22 We have a little stir in the people and then we settle down like, the devil blowing his breeze across us, and we get an old “True Story” magazine somewhere in the house instead of picking up the Bible. There’s a many a Christian in this city tonight that can tell you all about Hollywood, but knows no more about God, and call themselves Christians. It’s a shame. Amen.

Prayer meeting night comes, you stay home watch their television, instead of going out at the prayer meeting. Isn’t that right? Sure it is. Everything, time to read the papers, time to do this, time to have your society gatherings and things, but no time for God. What we need today is a good old fashion Saint Paul revival and the Bible Holy Ghost back in the Church again, signs, wonders, and miracles. Time for everything, but the right thing.

That’s the reason the world’s in the condition today. Haven’t got time to take care of the children, let them run the streets.

You women, calling yourself real mothers, and don’t even know where your kiddies is at half the time. That’s not only in the Methodist and Presbyterian; that’s in Pentecostal too. That’s right. You know that’s the truth. Talking about juvenile delinquency, it’s a whole lot of parent delinquency. What the parent needs today is to get some of them old beer cans out of that ice box out there, take the cards off the table, and put the Bible right there, and open It up and call the kids around have a prayer meeting. That’s what we need today. That’s right.

57 And also, we find that homes, which is the backbone of the nation and of the church, we find homes broke up, and divorce courts just overrun with divorces. Juvenile delinquency of–of mothers leaving their little children with baby-setters and–and taking off out to work and somewhere when their husbands got good jobs, but they’re just not satisfied to be a mother and stay at home. They’re not satisfied to dress like ladies; they–they want to dress like men. Men wants to be like women. And they–they just–there just seems to be something wrong somewhere. And people are reaching for something and can’t find it. That’s a pitiful condition to be into.

They’ve looked everywhere to find something to make themself an example. We take the women of our days; they’ll watch television until they see a certain movie star; or she’ll come out dressed in a certain way, and all the women will want to dress like her or act like her, make her example. Some pretty girls just in the bloom of life will try to pattern themselves and try to make some movie star an example that they should go by; and finally they find themselves wound up in a cage of sin that they can’t get out of. What a pity. Seeing them come into the meeting, tears running down their cheeks… But they’re hunting for something.

224 We’ll pick up this invasion; we got to go into the homes yet, and a lot of places, the schools, and out in places with it. We’ll pick it up.

But the invasion of the United States, the devil has took her over. Don’t be afraid of Russia. Russia ain’t got nothing to do. We’re doing it ourselves, our own rottenness right among us. That’s right.

You know, the United States has more divorce cases than all the rest of the world? More divorces, think of it. That horrible? The motherhood has been broken. Mothers don’t stay at home no more with their children, like they used to. They got to have a job.

227 Here the other day, a certain grocery man in this city, was talking to me about it. These women working in this public plants, these young married women with a bunch of little kids, they got babysitters taking care of their babies to work these public places. Said, “There was two of them standing in a… When they got laid off at their public works, ‘Don’t worry. We’ll make it anyhow.'”


E-22 Now, today as we’re approaching it in this dark evil time… Now, I do not like to call people’s names, but I’m going to have to call somebody’s name now. But I pray for the young man, and I pray all the time for him. But he is a instrument in the hands of the devil, and that is this man Elvis Presley. The people are gone boogie-woogie or rock-and-roll wild. The American people has gone. And they’re trying by that same spirit, to get the thing into the church.

I like church music played like church music and not rock-and-roll in the church. But when they get these spirits, there’s something behind this, and the devil puts hisself out a challenger. And it happens to be that this poor backslidden Pentecostal boy said, “The way he learned his maneuvers of jerking and shaking, he caught it and learned it in the church.” He is a member of the First Assemblies of God of Memphis, Tennessee. His pastor’s a friend of mine. And he is the devil’s instrument of deluding and polluting the minds of these teen-agers, of getting them into a place till… They just left a place in Canada, I think they sent fourteen young people to the insane asylum a few days after he was there.

E-23 And all over the country… But the people have gone wild, frantically. The reason they do that is because they don’t know anything better. Oh, how I wish that they knowed the Lord Jesus. How much better… I do not condemn; I feel sorry for the mortal. And now, would not that even be appropriate in the day that we live, that when things are going the way they are, and the idol of America is the hollywood glamor girl, when she sets the pace of all America… When, let her come out with her immoral dressings on… And practically every woman in America will fashion after her.

E-30 Even a lot of preachers trying to justify this Elvis Presley, which is nothing in the world but a modern Judas Iscariot. Judas Iscariot got thirty pieces of silver. Elvis Presley got a million dollars and a fleet of Cadillacs, but he sold out. He was a Pentecostal believer and sold out his birthright to become a rock-and-roll, and is inspired of the devil. And I don’t pull any punches on it. No, sir. And a modern Judas Iscariot…

And then even the ministers trying to upbuild that kind of a thing. And Elvis Presley saying, “Yeah, I trust God for all my success.” How would a living, holy God ever give success to vulgarity. And a devil demonized thing that’s absolutely been one of the greatest hindrances that this nation has ever been seen, is a guy like Elvis Presley, who sent millions of souls to hell by his old dirty, filthy rock-and-roll stuff. Certainly, I don’t have any apology at all. If you can believe me to be God’s prophet, remember there is a incarnated devil, absolutely.

E-32 We’re living in a horrible time, brethren, when this Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses. See? Now, it’s predicted. We can’t stop that, brethren. And our–our American people, being so much on the television frolic, and–and the fantastics, and our Hollywood evangelistic types, and a lot of show… [Blank.spot.on.tape–Ed.]… fashion, back woods, sassafras preaching, you know. I don’t like this color and stuff that they… To–to appease the American… Even in other countries, as you missionaries know, they say to me over there, “Isn’t there any nice women in America? All your songs are so vulgar about your women.” And all of our things, it’s… I’m not calling any names; this is brethren, such as the Arthur Godfrey, and the Elvis Presley, and all that there nonsense that’s produced and put out. To the American people minds is contaminated with such stuff, and then it even gets into ministry and they try to flower the pulpit. Did you realize that’s exactly what Cain done? You know where that come from? Cain. He had an altar same as Abel did. He worshipped just the same as Abel did, but he beautified it.

E-22 When I was in Hottentot Africa someone said to me, “Brother Branham, don’t you all have any nice women over in America? All your songs it’s something dirty about your women.” I just had to bow my head and walk away. It’s the worst in the world.

Oh, and you idolize these idols of these Elvis Presley’s and so forth, and permit that stuff into your house. Throw that trash out of your house. We are Christians. Buzzards eat on dead carcass, and we’re not buzzards; we’re doves. I’m preaching on that tonight. All right. So if your desires in your heart is right, and your appetite’s right, you’ll eat and do the right thing; it’s in your heart to do it.

994-5 Youthful members swing out to jazz–jazz. Passion play tells of the crucifixion in modern i-d-i-o-m, rock-and-roll.

The pastor here leading all the teen-agers up there and going through the passions of Christ, the crucifixion played out in rock-and-roll and jazz. Well… It’s in Maryland. Now, isn’t that something?

And then, here is the picture of those… I was telling you this morning of those Beatles, “Return of Beatles,” and there’s the articles; you just should read it out of the magazine and all of the different things. “… as it were, had founded a new religion.” Now, their manager… I’ve got a note out of the paper here. You haven’t got time… If anybody wants to read these or I can put them on the bulletin board, then you can read them. And I just want to show you the hour that we’re living in is shocking. You might not understand it; but, people, try to understand it, that–what these things are. I’ve asked Brother Capps; he’s got a good education and can read better than I, I’ve asked him to read this article from the manager of the Beatles. Can you do it, Brother Capps, at this time?

994-7 [Brother Capps reads the article on the Beatles.
States that:
The Beatles wonder about themselves and draw no answers. “It’s incredible, absolutely incredible!” says Derek Taylor, the Beatles’ press officer, “Here are these four boys from Liverpool. They’re rude; they’re profane; they’re vulgar; and they’ve taken over the world. It’s as if they’d founded a new religion. They’re completely antichrist. I mean; I’m antichrist as well; but they’re so antichrist they shock me, which isn’t an easy thing. But I’m obsessed with them. Isn’t everybody? I’m obsessed with their honesty, and the people who like them most are the people who should be outraged most. In Australia, for example, each time we’d arrive at an airport, it was as if deGaulle had landed, or better yet, the Messiah. The routes were lined solid. Cripples threw away their sticks. Sick people rushed up to the car, as if a touch from one of the boys would make them well again. Old women stood watching with their grandchildren as we’d pass by. I could see the look on their faces. It was as if some saviour had arrived and all these people were happy and relieved, as if things somehow were going to be better now.” Taylor paused and stuck a cigarette in his mouth, “The only thing left for the Beatles,” he said, “is to go on a healing tour.”–Ed.]

986-289 There will never, never, never come salvation to the world any more. They have passed their line between grace and judgment. There’s… You might put a Abraham Lincoln in every county in the United States, and it’ll never turn this bunch of “Rickys” and “Elvises” back to God.
When you seen in the paper (I got it. Bring it to you this afternoon if you want to see it tonight.), where a Presbyterian church (many of you might’ve seen it)–a Presbyterian church going through the masses or through the–the–through the sacrament with rock-and-roll. The pastor standing there clapping his hands like that, and they were going through the motion of the crucifixion and all “a-shindigging it” as rock-and-roll in a Presbyterian church.

And when this lowdown, screaming, filthy bunch of Beatles, that’s so called, that got below men and want to become beetles… They turned down a hundred thousand dollar contract in St. Louis a few weeks ago; wouldn’t stop for that. Come over here, a bunch of little, renegade Englishmen there with the hair hanging down in their eyes… And now, they’ve got a religion of their own they’re starting. You seen it in “Look” magazine. See?

135 That’s the way it is when you used to go to dances. I don’t believe you’d to go now, surely not. But if you–you used to go, they’d to play up the hoop-up music, and beat the bands, and beat the drums, and do every kind of a thing there was about it; and the women run out there, half naked and everything else, and dance on the floors, and things; get you in the spirit to dance. Well, that’s right. You get in the spirit of it. It’s the spirit of the devil. Glad you said, “Amen,” because it’s the truth. I’ll prove it by the Bible. That’s right. All right.

Say, “Well, I don’t believe it, brother.” Well, you, it ain’t what you say, or what I think; it’s what God’s Word says. That’s what settles it. That’s the final Word. Yes, sir. He said, “If you love the world, or the things of the world, love of God is not even in you.” That’s right.

And you remember that little woman taught her daughter to tap dance, and things like that, and went down there and danced before the king, and required the head of John the Baptist; seventy of her children died as prostitutes and on gallows. You can see what it does like that.

E-67 Now, they stay home for that, and the things that the people does, today, it’s a shame, calling themselves religious. They act like the world, because it’s the spirit of America. America wants entertainment. Oh, everything, everybody’s got televisions and radios, and they listen to everything.

Let me go into a man’s house, and let me see what kind of music he hears. Let me look around and see what kind of a literature he reads; I’ll tell you what kind of a spirit he’s got feeding on it. That’s right. Let me watch the way he acts in his daily walk. True. It’s a shame. My, how the church has fell from grace. Oh, what a pity. Repent and come back. That’s right. I say that in the Name of the Lord: Repent and come back.

E-41 Now, if you seen a pig out rooting in manure pile, you wouldn’t think nothing, because he’s a pig. But I’ll tell you one thing; you’ll never find a lamb coming over and eating with him. That’s right. That’s right. And you people, you know that’s true.

And you find a man that calls hisself a Christian, out indulging in the things of the world, telling old dirty jokes, and listening to Arthur Godfrey, and them kind of dirty things on the radio, and tell me you’re a Christian? You act like a pig in the stead of a lamb. That’s right. Come into your house and on the wall’s old pinup, dirty pictures, in your office boogie woogie music going on, and tell me you’re a Christian? That shows what’s on the inside of you. Yes, sir. Then you wonder why we haven’t got the victory. That’s right.

92 The world today, America, doesn’t want the Gospel. They want entertainment. They’ve got to have something to entertain them, a lot of fancy music, or something like that, or some kind of a party, some kind of a wiener roast, which them things are all right, outside the church. But the church is where judgment ought to be preached in the power of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and a warning. Judgment begins at the house of God: not parties; judgment.

152 I went into a man’s office, here in this city. And the man is a trustee, or a deacon, it is, in a fine church. I went in there to see that man about some business. And there’s a radio over there, with that rock-and-roll or twist, ever what it was, just as hard as it could go. And I guess there was forty pinups in his office, of nude women. Now, you can’t tell me how much deacon, or how much more. You let me see what you look at, and what you read, and the kind of music you listen to, the crowd you associate with, and I’ll tell you what kind of a spirit is in you. See? Yeah.

153 You hear a guy say, “Me do so-and-so? That bunch…” Just remember, I don’t care what he says. His words speaks louder. His actions speaks louder than what anything could say. He could testify, say he’s a Christian, sure, and maybe do anything. But you just watch the kind of a life he lives. That tells what he is.


83 About five years ago I was in Ohio, and I was having a meeting up there at the (What is the name of that place where I had it out there on that?) [Someone says, “Chautauqua”–Ed.]–Chautauqua. And I was listening to a newscast in the hotel, and it said, “The flower of freedom died this afternoon in a court here in Ohio. The Amish people, they don’t believe in sending their children to these public schools. They have their own schools. And in this certain neighborhood where these were at, they didn’t have any high schools. It’s the law of Ohio and Indiana (I think a national law) that all children must go to school till they’re sixteen. And this man had a couple of children, boy and girl, that wasn’t sixteen; and they refused to send them to the public schools where they teach the ethics of Darwin (that man descended from a single cell, be a monkey; that’s all he is, just a glorified monkey and…). And so, they didn’t agree with that, and they won’t let their children hear it. And so the courts pulled them in. And this little smart-aleck judge said to the old aged father and mother, with his crock haircut and his overalls on; he said, “Sir, this state of Ohio has a law that says that the child must attend school till it’s sixteen,” and said;

“you refuse to send your children. What do you answer?”

84 He said, “Honorable sir, I respect the laws of this lovely state in which I am a native.” He said, “But we come here years ago, our forefathers, for freedom of religion, and that’s why we are here for freedom of religion.

Our religion teaches us that we don’t believe that we come from animals to be man that… We believe that we were created in the image of God.

Therefore, it’s against our religious beliefs to send our children to a school that teaches such. Therefore, we don’t have any high school here for our children to go. And it’s not because we don’t respect you; we respect what you believe; but for us, we don’t believe that, and we don’t want it taught to our children.”

He said, “You’ll either send your children to school or you and your wife will spend two years in the state penitentiary.” Said, “What’s your decision?”

He said, “Mother and I will spend the two years.” And they turned and started to walk out.

The old judge must’ve felt a little bit condemned, so he said, “Remember, don’t your Bible say, ‘Give Caesar what’s Caesar’s’?”

And the father turned around, and he said, “And to God?”

The man on the news said, “Well, then the freedom…”

And the judge said, “I sentence you to two years.”

He said, “Then the freedom–the flower of freedom died in that courtroom this afternoon.”

85 After all, the Dunkards–or the Amish, rather, no matter how peculiar they are, they believe in holy living. And there’s not one record nowhere in the United States to where they ever had any juvenile delinquency. Not one person, one child, from their religion was ever a juvenile delinquent. Let them be peculiar whatever they want; they’re raised right. I don’t blame them.

But listen, the flower died there right then, but about ten minutes it revived again. The prosecuting attorney, all of them, pushed back their books, and said, “Then we resign from our job, for if you break that Constitutional right, they’ll break the rest of them.”

E-38 A few days ago, down in Ohio, in a court they said that all children had to be sent to college. They want no illiteracy in Ohio. And the Amish people don’t send their children to these modern high schools. And they’ve never had on the record of all the Amish in…?… history, of one case of juvenile delinquency. Let them dress different, and act different, and be peculiar, and act… But they haven’t had no–no juvenile delinquency. Not one case on their records of–of America. They don’t send them to them kind of places. And they passed a law that they’d have to go their own high schools and colleges.

And the old mother and father was called in because they didn’t send their son.

And the judge said, “You’ll either send them, or you’ll serve two years in prison.” I was in Middletown, Ohio at the time it happened.

And the father said, “I refuse to do it, sir. Not for being different, but because that I come to America, thinking that this was freedom of religion (We don’t have no more democracy.)–freedom of religion.

He said, “You’ll either abide by our laws, or you’ll pay–you’ll pay the penalty like the rest of them would.”

He said, “I refuse to send them.”

Said, “I sentence you and the mother, two years in the penitentiary.”

E-39 The last flower of democracy faded in that courtroom. The father got up and said, “Very well, I’ll spend it to save my son. I don’t want any of your rock-and-rolls and your nonsense.” And when he started out, the unjust judge tried to justify himself by saying that, “Remember the Scripture says, ‘Give Caesar what’s Caesars.”

And he turned around and said, “And to God…?” But it bloomed again just a few minutes. His whole bench quit the job, and resigned thereafter. God be blessed for a few real outstanding Americans yet there. What should the Church do? Take a stand and stand there, without moving.

43 Do you know the politicians can’t judge right and wrong? You see them keeping quiet on this voting the Bible back in the church or into the… Bible back into the school? They don’t know which way the politics are going to blow. Think of it! I don’t know how it is in Indiana now, but in state of Arizona it’s against the law to read the Bible in school. I think it’s the same thing in Indiana, nearly the whole United States, because some infidel woman changed the whole program. And, remember, it’s against the law to read the Bible in our public schools, but believers’ taxes supports infidelity to be taught in the school.

44 Politics. We need another Abraham Lincoln. We need another Patrick Henry. We need an American who can stand out regardless of where the politics are, and call right, “right,” and wrong, “wrong.”

E-7 In the days of Christ, why, he had all the children killed, from two years old, back, trying to stop it. And that’s one of the devil’s tricks today to break faith from the young generation, such nonsense as that. Darwin, no, sir, I don’t believe one of his ethics. It’s every one’s wrong, he… I’d like to took William Jennings Bryant’s place on that for a little bit. Well, I–he’s wrong, absolutely wrong. If–if he’s right, then God’s wrong. So this is the truth, right here, the truth.

Last time I was down there they put me out, ’cause they had a good crowd down there. And I sure got me a good text, and I sure went to work on it. So, so, I just don’t believe… If anything’s right, it’s right; if it’s wrong, it’s wrong. And that thing’s a curse to the nation. So I don’t believe there was such a thing, and I don’t believe the human ever sprung from any sponge, or monkey, or whatever it was. It come… God made man in His own image, and that settles it. That’s all.

192 Oh, don’t you see “Influence.” Don’t take the influence of Marthela. (I hope that’s not a name in here.) Don’t take the names of–of–the influence of some little girl that goes to high school with you, or common school, or the next door neighbor that cuts her hair and wears shorts; don’t take that influence. Don’t take the influence of some creeded pastor that would deny the Word of God and give you a creed; don’t take that influence. But stand there until you see the glory of God fall, see something move by it’s effects, and see it happen just the way that God said it. Then cry out, “Woe is me, Lord; I been wrong. Cleanse me now, Lord. Cleanse me. Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on me.”

58 “Follow me.” Now, see, he had to follow someone. Now, he had to either follow the influence of the people he was associated with, the influence of some young lady, some influence of a gang of boys that he was associated with, his colleagues in school, or follow Jesus Christ. In all of his goodness, yet he knew he didn’t have Eternal Life.
Kids, that’s what you got to think about. See?

131 “Our children’s hungry, and the Syrians (our enemy) are feeding their children, filling their bellies with the wheat that ought to be ours.” That’s scripturally right. Said, “Will you help me to go up there and take that?”
132 Now, sometimes a good man under the influence of evil will give in. Better watch, church, watch real close.

E-5 Now, if we were going down into Binghamton tonight, if our Lord Jesus was here tonight (I say this with reverence.), perhaps would be rejected by ninety-nine percent of the church members of Binghamton tonight. In the way that He’d come, in the form that, in our theology, the way that we have taught Him to be, and so for, if He’d walk in, dressed as an ordinary man, and start teaching, perhaps many of them would not welcome Him and put Him out of the church; because His policies would be so much different. For if–if Jesus is the same, the religious people of the world is the same.

You see, friends, God never takes His Spirit from the earth. God takes His man, but not His Spirit. The Spirit that was upon Elijah, come upon Elisha, then come upon John the Baptist, and predicted to come again in the last days. See? God never takes His Spirit. He takes His man. He taken Christ, but Christ’s Spirit returned to the earth.

The devil takes his man, but never the spirit. And the same religious cults of that day, high, classic, educated, scholarly, them same spirits live right on today; same kind of people are captured by the same influence of teachers.


28. There’s something about the–where you go, what church you go to, and what teacher teaches you. Do you know that? It–it’s got something to it. Therefore, we ought to seek out the very best that we can find, so we’re getting the best; not because it’s sociable and so forth, but the real Bible teaching.

In addition to where you take you children to church and the type of teaching they receive, we can only pray for them. Parents, church, pastors have a duty to pray for the little ones, trophy of each ministry.

May God bless you. Your comments and feedback are welcome.

Brother Faustin Lukumuena
End Time Message Tabernacle
Denver, Colorado – USA

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