The subject of the Second Coming of the Lord has been one of the most vital subjects among message believers in these last days. One group is waiting for the Coming of Lord and another group is claiming that the Coming of the Lord has already happened. Both groups’ position is based on certain “Quotes” from the Prophet’s Message.

In addition, each group claims to have the truth and wants the other group to provide “clear statement that Jesus has already come or not yet come.” For sure, there would be no quote written in the way each person expects it to be in order to settle the matter. Same thing how the Bible is written, never in the way each person wants it but it is God’s Word and it must come by REVELATION.

Before we present these quotes, we want to assure everyone that when there is a question in the Word of God, it always requires a Revelation because the Bible says: “letter killeth but the Spirit giveth it life” (Second Corinthians 3:6). In the Bible, it’s written clearly black and white that “baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost…(Matthew 28:19) but in Acts 2:38 “… be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ…” is there any contraction? Certainly no but it requires once again a Revelation. Both groups get it.

Jesus Himself said in Matthew 11:25 “I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.” That’s God’s wisdom and perfect will for His Word to be known only by Revelation not by people’s intellect. Again it must be a Revelation to reconcile both ways of thinking.

Even in Brother Branham’s Message, it’s still the same way. You might find quote stating that the prophet himself is waiting for the Coming of Lord until 1965 as many want to refer to it that way. You might also find quotes saying that Jesus should come as the seventh messenger is still on the earth in order to introduce Him to the people. You cannot ignore one and insist on the other and vice versa. It only takes true called ministers to bring the light to the people by divine revelation not by war of words or simple affiliation to one group. On the other side, ministers should not ignore the topic either because it’s vital.

What about quotes in the Message for example Brother Branham himself said that “he is not a prophet”? Or he is “looking for a prophet to come …” does this affect any of the two groups? Certainly no because they both accept the same prophet and believe that he has already come despite the existing of quotes saying by brother Branham himself that he is not a prophet and he is looking for one to come. Why there is no argument about if William Branham is a prophet and they should no expect another prophet to come? It’s a Revelation and will always be a revelation not just quotes.  

In closing this introduction, surprisingly, both groups believe that the seven seals or the seven thunders of Revelation 10 are revealed but are just debating about the Second Coming of the Lord. Are the seven seals or the seven thunders connected with the Second Coming of the Lord? Did Brother Branham himself preach sermon(s) titled “The Second Coming of the Lord” and “The seven seals” or the “The Seven Thunders?” if yes what are they about? If no why not?

The Second Coming of the Lord should be a Personal Divine Revelation not a War of Quotes “it’s written…” and every one can choose which one better fit his situation.

In the lines to follow, we have done the best we could just to present key points but certainly not all. In addition, for every section, there could be more quotes, but we could not present all of them in every section, but if you can find more, that’s certainly a plus.


17    Now, in the blessed Word, I wish to read just a--a verse, or a line or two, out of St. Luke's Gospel, and the 15th chapter, the 8th verse:

Either what woman having ten pieces of silver, if she shall lose one piece, does not light a candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligently until she has found it?

And when she has found it, she calleth her friends and her neighbors together, saying, Rejoice with me; for I have found the piece which I had lost.

 18    Now, that may seem like a very odd Scripture for the second coming of Christ, and--but it's speaking of the second coming of Christ. And this great subject that we have here before us now is one of the most vital subjects in the entire holy Writ. There's nothing so important as the coming of the Lord Jesus. For if He does not come, we have been found false witnesses, our dead that's in the grave are perished, and there is no hope left for us if Jesus doesn't come visibly the second time. And in the very--this light, in the very light of the second coming, was so important, that this holy week that we are now approaching, that Jesus, when He was approaching it at the first time in the very shadows of the cross, He spoke very little of His death, burial, and resurrection. He spoke more on His second coming than He did on His death, burial, and resurrection. So in the light of this, it must be a very important subject.

In the Old Testament there is many times more Scriptures in the Old Testament pertaining to the second coming of Christ than there was to the first coming of Christ. Everything to the human race, now after the atonement has been made, rests solemnly upon the second coming of the Lord.


  62      You might think, "Well, He healed so-and-so, the other day. He, last month, I know, two years ago, I seen..." Yeah, He might act like He is going to pass you by, but He is only wanting you to--to invite Him. He makes out like He is going to pass. What He was then, He is today. What He does then, He does today. He said so. Notice, you must do the same thing, you've got to invite Him in. It was then, and only then, that He could reveal Himself.

63    He couldn't do it by preaching them the Word. It went over top their head. Him walking on there, saying, "Well, you ought to a knowed there, you fools, slow of heart. The Bible said these things, that Christ must do these things, and so forth." Walking along there, well, look like they'd a-seen that's Who it was. He never come right out and told them, "I am He." You get a guy that does that, then you knowed there is nothing to Him, to begin with. But He just let the Holy Spirit reveal it. He told us.


  268      Known as... know... Watch how He made Hisself known to these people, now, remember, as their Messiah (just before we close) of the promised Word of the age. Notice! He appeared unto, to the... as He has said He'd do, to the prophets. Notice, "Fools, and slow of heart to believe that all the prophets has wrote of Him had to be fulfilled."

269    Watch Him! He refers right back to the Word of God, He never come right out and told them, "Don't you know Me? I am the Messiah that's resurrected." He never said that. See, He just give them the Scripture; like John did, and the rest of them. See? He just... They have to pick that out themselves. They have to judge for theirselves. Now, don't go to sleep, judge for yourself.


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